Milan wedding. No.

6am flight. No.

3am wakeup. No.

Creepy old man alone in the park. No.

Transsexual hooker with her John. No.

Topless jogger not jogging. No.

Gang of fifteen year olds getting drunk in the road. No.

Two men having a chat (as they both piss on our wall). No.

Long term parking full (due to never-ending holiday). No.

Invasive, racist, security check with a smile. No.

Emasculated poodle at check-in with curlers in his hair and owners from “Best in Show“. No.

Guy at coffee shop calling a name that’s not a name and then looking at me like I’m the tool. No.

Hours and hours to a shower and a bed. No.

No. Just no.

Emasculated dog is emasculated…

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