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I predicted it, but I still can’t believe it. Netanyahu seems to have done better than expected, but only by decimating Bennett’s Jewish Home. Proportionally, as expected; result to be as expected. I cannot tell you how horrible it feels to…

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“It Won’t Stop Until We Talk”: a reflection upon the conflict in daily life.

A reflection on how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, past death and future uncertainty, effect daily life in Tel-Aviv.

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King Bibi is Dead! Long Live King Bibi! (Or: why the winner will lose and the loser will win; a short primer on the upcoming Israeli election)

Why Bibi Netanyahu will lose Tuesday’s election, but still be the next Prime Minister. A short primer on Israel’s elections.

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A very bookish protest…

Last night: what could be more absurd than the sight of museum employees demonstrating for fair employment conditions? A scraggly group of a few dozen camped out in front of the old town hall (most recently the site of the…

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Simmering in the Bubble…

Living where Unpublished Author lives, you could be forgiven for thinking Israel’s the left-wing liberal democracy of yore. Every billboard and toilet proclaims the strength of Meretz; every conversation you hear in coffee shops is between Avoda, Meretz and Hadash….

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Unpublished Author meets Published Author…

Hilarity ensues. Not. No, we mostly talked about writing. Why he is (frequently) published, and why I’m not. The general advice, the same as it ever was: persevere. Oh, joy! Just let me adjust the hose between exhaust and window……

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