Camel, meet straw…

Look long, look hard people: this is what rejection looks like. £6.87 in pre-paid postage, and they photocopy the same letter so cheaply even the signature is smudged. To top it off, I’m reduced to the generic Writer. Dear Writer , but last time I checked (now), Unpublished Novel #1 was very much attached to a name…

I had high hopes for this one – Ms. Davidson and I share truncated careers at the same two Reputable News Agencies (™) in the same chronological order.

But never mind. It’s not like I’ve been having a tough few days or anything.

On a related not: does anyone know a good spinal surgeon?

2 Comments on “Camel, meet straw…

  1. sorry to hear that… oh dear… I’m afraid these letters are waiting for me too soon… shabbat shalom, layla tov

    • Having it arrive during such a bad week – best thing ever! It’s amazing how I couldn’t care less (when usually I’d be hitting the bottle for my 24-hour self-pity allowance)… Good luck!

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