Yemenite Sh!t,,fit,,,

You can’t make this up…


These were posted all around our neighbourhood. Bear in mind we are both not Yemenite, and have dog. Oops.

Important Message

To the renters and the new apartment owners who

in the last few years or months

joined our beloved neighbourhood, THE Kerem Hataymanim

Our fathers are the founders in 1905.

From the Original Keremites

IT’S TIME THAT YOU UNDERSTOOD THAT YOU ARE GUESTS in our neighbourhood AND NOT THE RULERS,, You were accepted in a very cordial way,,, This is how we are,,!!!, Appreciate it,, It seems as if a few of you are trying in a very ugly and conniving way to cause a split in the people of the neighbourhood,, For your benefit,, personally and it seems also politically,, KNOW THAT WE ARE AWARE OF THAT AND OUR EYES ARE OPEN to vehemently keeping the tradition, the beauty and the character of our neighbourhood,, You are trying to supposedly show a wish to improve our neighbourhood especially its cleanliness,, Just so you know you are the ones making our neighbourhood dirty with the astonishing number of dogs that you have brought with you into our small

neighbourhood,, YOUR DOG POO HAS BECOME LIKE MINES in the streets of the neighbourhood, there have never been dogs (maybe very few) in our neighbourhood,, And from this it is understood that very few of you bother to clean after your dog poo,,,,,,,

Firstly you should,,, Look at how you behave,, Personally to keep the cleanliness of your environment,, And then when you will get to a level of keeping clean we will happily hear comments in writing or in saying to improve

Our neighbourhood,,,,

Be humble in your approach, This is message number 1

We will not snooze and we will not sleep!

The neighbourhood veterans! Its lovers and those who are always proud of it forever !!!!!


Being an Unpublished Author, I’m tempted to comment. But really: I think it just speaks for itself,,,

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