Unpublished In Tel-Aviv


“It Won’t Stop Until We Talk”: a reflection upon the conflict in daily life.

A reflection on how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, past death and future uncertainty, effect daily life in Tel-Aviv.

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I’m an uncle! (Again!)

Wife’s sister gave birth again today – another boy added to the burgeoning ranks of the next generation. Good timing too: his cousin (and parental addenda) just flew in from post-Sandy New York yesterday. Ever the joyous one, the delighted…

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“The first draft of everything is shit”…

There comes a time in any book’s gestation when everything that will come together has already come together, where the hours have been put in and, as an unpublished author, you can sense the invisible finish-line in your bones. Thanks to…

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Goodbye old friend.

Sufi died today. She had been struggling with illness for many months, with adversity for over a year. I have been writing this post for a long time in my head, and yet now that I have to sit down…

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