Unpublished In Tel-Aviv


A very bookish protest…

Last night: what could be more absurd than the sight of museum employees demonstrating for fair employment conditions? A scraggly group of a few dozen camped out in front of the old town hall (most recently the site of the…

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Hipster Bikes Must Die!!!

Having drinks at Port Said, one of the trendier bars in my neighbourhood, I ran into some old industrial designer friends. We got talking but within a few minutes I realised I was already excluded. Usually I find this upsetting;…

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Free babysitters in Tel-Aviv are like virgins in a Harem: if they do exist, they’re gone before you know it. So it was in desperation that, when Wife and I realised we hadn’t been out alone in a very, very…

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Tel-Aviv’s favourite game:

Hipster, alcoholic or crack-head?

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Shana Tova! (New year, new blog!)

So, kicking and screaming, here it is… wait for it… I’m a blogger! I suppose it fits. After all, I’m an unemployed, unpublished author living in the neighbourhood of Tel-Aviv notorious (and much avoided) for its chronic hipsteritis. Inevitable is…

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