Unpublished In Tel-Aviv



Free babysitters in Tel-Aviv are like virgins in a Harem: if they do exist, they’re gone before you know it. So it was in desperation that, when Wife and I realised we hadn’t been out alone in a very, very…

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Do we got a deal?

Walking Young Dog in our area, I got flashed by a vehicle coming up behind. Being the courteous resident that I am, I pulled aside to let him past (Kerem Hataymanim doesn’t really have pavements) but as he came alongside, he rolled…

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Milan wedding. No. 6am flight. No. 3am wakeup. No. Creepy old man alone in the park. No. Transsexual hooker with her John. No. Topless jogger not jogging. No. Gang of fifteen year olds getting drunk in the road. No. Two…

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Unpublished Author meets Published Author…

Hilarity ensues. Not. No, we mostly talked about writing. Why he is (frequently) published, and why I’m not. The general advice, the same as it ever was: persevere. Oh, joy! Just let me adjust the hose between exhaust and window……

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Unpublished authors work at home. It’s just what we do. But home in Tel-Aviv is usually a tiny apartment, a third of which is occupied by a ‘mamad’ or safe-room (more on that in another post), surrounded by a city…

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Tel-Aviv’s favourite game:

Hipster, alcoholic or crack-head?

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